Water | Short Film

Production: Brera Academy of Fine Arts - CSC Milan

Storyboard artist: Adriano Forti

Metroid: Call from the depths | Video game cinematic concept

Quick rendition of an original concept/storyboard inspired by the Metroid Prime trilogy.

Pediluvio | Short Film

An old couple faces problems related to aging while remembering good times, showing a feeling that overcomes the flow of time.


From an idea of Giulio Pirovano. 

Production: Adriano Forti, Giulio Pirovano.

Production design, Storyboard, Direction, Editing, Soundtrack and VFX: Adriano Forti.

Cast: Piero Colombo, Luciana Rossetti. | Production secretary: Vittorio Pugliese.  | Sound recording: Marco Carlo Moriggi. 

Special thanks: Giuliano Poletti, Rosangela Colombo, Officina Moriggi - Treviglio BG, Unreal Engine, Quixel Megascans.

Lost in the Woods | Feature Film


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