The "Poem of Doom", an ancient relic from the Dark world, has been stolen by "The Storyteller": a cruel sorceress who wants to recall a powerful entity imprisoned in another dimension to bring the worlds to chaos. 


Guided by a mysterious voice, the Storyteller found a way to open a fracture between the material and the spiritual  worlds: here she entered the ruins of the Temple of Doom, where the poem lied guarded by a Witch that cannot be killed by any mortal weapon.


However, the Storyteller fought the Witch and eventually killed her,  stabbing her with the Knife of Shadow, that drained from her body the magic powers,  then she casted the witch down the Well of Lost souls, but in her last effort, the dying guardian ruined the plan of her enemy by tearing away some pages from the poem, making them disappear in the dark realm.


When the Storyteller casted her spell by reading the Poem of Doom to rise an undead army to bring  the world to chaos, she eventually awaked the guardian witch that is now lead by a desire of revenge deeper than infernal abyss itself:

she is Hauntress... and her enemies are doomed!


"Hauntress: Poem of Doom" is a metroidvania game with action-adventure gameplay features sets in a dark fantasy post-apocalyptic world.


Explore a wicked dark fantasy world populated of infernal creatures and deadly traps!

Along your journey you'll have to fight against several enemies and powerful bosses.


Collect new abilities to increase your skills on a journey on the path of vengence.

Regain your lost powers and hunt down the demon lieuterants of the Storyteller, in order to find her, have your revenge and...  eventually save the world!


Interact with environmental elements to solve riddles, collect keys to unlock gates or trigger various mechanisms and avoid insidious traps who populate dungeons, cursed fortress, a dying Victorian/diesel-punk city and the venomous Dark world.

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